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Distribution of Ramadan Negahban Rashan 25000 Relief Package

Distribution of Ramadan Negahban Rashan 25000 Relief Package: Maryam Nawaz announced plans to digitally distribute flour to address the needs of the underprivileged. Emphasizing the potential economic challenges faced by the impoverished if their requirements aren’t fulfilled, Nawaz highlighted her commitment to delivering aid directly to their doorsteps. She underscored the importance of human touch in these efforts, mentioning her intent to monitor deliveries digitally through real-time control panels and modern technology to ensure accurate distribution.

As the month of Ramadan, known for fasting and charity, draws near, governments globally prepare to facilitate their citizens during this sacred period. In Punjab, Pakistan, under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the government has proactively initiated measures to offer relief to its citizens through the 25000 Ramadan Relief Package. Let’s explore the distribution statistics to gauge the effectiveness of this initiative.

Statistics Overview of Ramadan Relief Package

Under the diligent oversight of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the Ramadan Relief Package has made substantial progress in supporting the citizens of Punjab. Here are the key statistics: Distribution of Ramadan Negahban Rashan 25000 Relief Package.

Ramadan Ration Distribution:

  • Total Individuals Assisted: 1,069,376
  • Method: Providing Ramadan ration directly to individuals at their doorstep.

Crackdown on Profiteering:

  • Total Fines Imposed: Rs. 28,721,650
  • Method: Imposing fines on individuals exploiting the Ramadan season for unfair gains.

Enforcement Actions:

  • Total Profiteers Arrested: 2,153
  • Method: Taking stringent actions against individuals engaged in profiteering during Ramadan.
Distribution AspectTotal Count
Ramadan Naghban Pahlej1,069,376
Profiteer Fines (Rs.)28,721,650
Profiteers Arrested2,153

What is the Ramadan Naghban Package?

The Ramadan Relief Package encompasses aid offered to individuals during the holy month of Ramadan, potentially including essential food supplies, financial aid, or other types of assistance.

Maryam Nawaz’s announcement regarding digital Surveillance

Maryam Nawaz, Punjab’s first female chief minister, addressed the challenges faced by lower-income groups due to rising inflation, highlighting their financial hardships. In response, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz initiated the Nigehbaan Assistance Program to alleviate these concerns. Under this program, free flour and food will be distributed to those in need. Maryam Nawaz aims not only to provide essential goods and food to the impoverished but also to ensure ration bags are delivered directly to the doorsteps of the needy, enabling them to meet their essential needs.

To whom, Rashan bags will be delivered to the doorstep?

Statistics Overview of Ramadan Relief Package

Only individuals who meet the eligibility criteria will receive assistance through this program, underscoring the importance of adhering to the necessary procedures. Maryam Nawaz has provided all relevant information prior to the update.

Those who update all previous documents will become eligible for assistance. Additionally, individuals with a monthly income of approximately 60,000 or 65,000, as well as those experiencing extreme financial hardship, will qualify for assistance. Furthermore, single-parent women encountering financial difficulties can avail themselves of support through this program.

Food items that will be given in Rashan Bags

The Negehban Assistance Program extends aid to deserving individuals who meet the eligibility criteria. Under this program, eligible recipients will receive free wheat flour and food supplies delivered to their doorstep, ensuring that those unable to afford food can access their entitlements.

Within the framework of the Nigehbaan Aid Program, 10 kg sacks containing essential food items will be distributed to the needy and deserving individuals. These food items include two kilograms of flour, two kilograms of rice, two kilograms of sugar, two kilograms of lentils, two kilograms of cooking oil, etc. These provisions are exclusively allocated to eligible individuals whose needs remain unmet due to inflation.

Maryam Nawaz will take after the procedure digitally

Maryam Nawaz delivered encouraging news regarding food and flour distribution, emphasizing the integration of Digital Monitoring to ensure smooth operations. In today’s technologically advancing world, Digital Monitoring will oversee the distribution process, ensuring accurate completion and delivery of flour and food supplies to those in need.


Distribution of Ramadan Negahban Rashan 25000 Relief Package: Maryam Nawaz expressed deep concern upon witnessing people unable to purchase food and flour due to financial constraints, motivating her to ensure aid reaches those in genuine need. Previously, individuals had to visit utility stores to obtain their rations, but now, with revised planning, assistance will be delivered directly to the doorsteps of those requiring it.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the distribution statistics of the Ramadan Relief Package underscore a committed endeavor to ease the burdens experienced by the people of Punjab during this sacred month. Through proactive measures to combat profiteering and direct assistance to individuals, the government endeavors to uphold the essence of compassion and solidarity inherent in Ramadan. As we contemplate these statistics, let us recognize the importance of such initiatives in nurturing a more equitable and compassionate society.

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