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Telenor Balance Save Code April 2024

Telenor Balance Save Code March 2024? Telenor excels in providing top-notch customer care services. Many users often express concerns about their sim balance being deducted even without making calls or sending SMS. Telenor Balance Save Code is among the latest offerings from the company, introduced in response to user feedback regarding balance protection during internet usage. In this guide, we will explore all the methods available to help you save your Telenor balance.

How to Save Balance Using Jazz Balance Save Code?

Telenor prides itself on providing the most satisfactory customer service. The Telenor Balance Save Code Offer stands as one of the company’s latest services. It was introduced in response to numerous user suggestions regarding the protection of balance during internet usage.

Telenor Balance Save Code
Telenor now offers users the opportunity to preserve their balance while using internet services. Users can activate this offer by dialing *7799#.

When the internet service expires, users often find their balance depleted. In response to user feedback, Telenor introduced the Telenor Balance Save Code for internet usage in 2024. Upon activation of this code, your account balance is safeguarded, preventing any further deductions.

This service is provided free of charge, allowing internet usage solely from available bundles and preserving your mobile balance.

Telenor Balance Save Code While Using Internet

You can prevent balance loss by adjusting settings on your phone when your mobile internet data is active. Since many apps run in the background while using the Internet, it’s crucial to disable these apps to avoid depleting your balance.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your mobile phone settings.
  2. Navigate to the connection or network settings.
  3. Access the “Data Usage” tab.
  4. Review mobile data usage and identify apps consuming excessive data.
  5. Close apps that are consuming excessive data.
  6. Keep track of monthly internet usage details.
  7. Set mobile data to automatically turn off when it reaches a certain limit.
  8. Disable the “Allow Background Data Usage” option to further conserve internet data.

How to save Telenor balance from the internet

Are you losing balance while using the internet? Even with an internet package, your balance continues to deplete. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to protect your balance while browsing the internet.

There’s no subscription fee or tax applied to this balance-saving feature.

Here’s how to subscribe:

  1. Dial 345 from your phone’s dial pad.
  2. Reply with 1 to confirm.
  3. The network will verify your request.
  4. Shortly, you’ll receive a confirmation notification stating, “Congratulations, you have subscribed to the balance save service.”

Terms and Conditions

There are several terms and conditions that users need to consider when opting for any of the methods mentioned above for balance locking and saving. These general terms and conditions include:

  1. These codes and taxes are subject to change at any time by the operator. Users should stay informed about any updates or modifications made by Telenor.
  2. Balance saving offers are exclusively available for prepaid customers. Postpaid users may not be eligible for these services.
  3. Users must ensure that their SIM card is biometrically verified as per regulatory requirements.
  4. Government taxes will apply to balance-saving transactions, and users should consider these additional charges when availing such services.


The Telenor Balance Save Code and other related services provide valuable solutions to prevent unexpected balance deductions for Telenor users. By utilizing these tools and offers, users can enjoy uninterrupted services without the concern of unnecessary balance loss.

Thus, nowadays, saving balance has become easier with various features introduced by the telecom sector.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions):

How does Telenor Balance Save Code work?

This code enables users to avoid balance deductions while using the internet by subscribing to a balance-saving service.

How can I subscribe to the Telenor Balance Lock Code?

To subscribe, just dial “7799” from your Telenor mobile and follow the instructions provided to confirm your subscription.

What is the cost of activating the Telenor Bill Shock Offer?

To activate the Telenor Bill Shock Offer, users require a balance of Rs. 5.

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