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Imran Khan’s Party Denounces Visitor, Media Ban at Jail

Punjab Home Department Imposes Two-Week Ban on Adiala Jail Visits and Media Coverage

PTI Denounces Ban, Citing Security Threats and Isolation Scheme

Safety Concerns for Imran Khan Raised Amidst Ban

The Punjab Home Department has enforced a two-week ban on prisoner visitations and media access at Rawalpindi’s Adiala jail, citing threats from law enforcement and intelligence agencies. PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan, accompanied by PTI Secretary General Omar Ayub, condemned the ban, alleging it’s part of a larger effort to isolate their party’s founder, Imran Khan.

Imran Khans Party Denounces Visitor Media Ban at Jail 2

Safety Concerns for Imran Khan

Gohar expressed grave concerns about Imran Khan’s safety, demanding immediate information regarding his health and security status. He criticized the lack of communication with Khan’s family and legal representatives prior to implementing the ban.

Background and Security Measures

Since the February 8 elections, Adiala jail has been a focal point for meetings between Imran Khan and party members, aiming to strategize PTI’s political direction. The Punjab Home Department cited a ‘threat alert’ for the prison, prompting measures such as installing barbed wires and conducting security surveys.

PTI’s Opposition and Legal Battle

Gohar highlighted the unjust circumstances surrounding Imran Khan’s imprisonment, asserting his innocence and expressing hope for judicial relief. He criticized the restrictions on meeting Khan, emphasizing the importance of legal access and transparency.

Contempt Plea and Past Incidents

Majlis Wahdat-i-Muslimeen filed a contempt plea against the jail superintendent for denying access to Imran Khan despite a court order. Previous incidents saw PTI leaders being turned away, prompting concerns about legal rights and fair treatment.


PTI remains steadfast in its support for Imran Khan, challenging the ban as an infringement on fundamental rights and legal processes. The party continues to advocate for transparency and justice amidst ongoing political turmoil.

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