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Punjab Cuts Off Visits, Media Access to Rawalpindi Jail

PTI Condemns Two-Week Ban on Adiala Jail Visits, Expresses Concerns for Imran Khan’s Safety

Party Leaders Criticize Blanket Ban and Alleged Threats

The PTI has strongly criticized the recent two-week ban on visits, meetings, and interviews within Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail, where its founding chairman Imran Khan and other key leaders are currently detained. They’ve also expressed concerns about perceived threats to the life of the former premier.

Punjab Cuts Off Visits Media Access to Rawalpindi Jail

Denouncing the Ban

Speaking in Islamabad, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan condemned the blanket restriction, questioning its basis on the grounds of a purported terror threat. He deemed the ban on meeting Imran Khan unlawful and demanded prior notification to family members and lawyers.

Safety Concerns

Referring to past assassination attempts on Imran Khan, Gohar emphasized the urgent need to address concerns for his safety, asserting that sudden restrictions hint at imminent danger to Khan’s life.

Calls for Transparency and Access

Gohar demanded immediate access for the scheduled meeting on Wednesday and urged authorities to provide updates on Khan’s health and security. Additionally, he called for a transparent inquiry into the reasons behind the ban.

Criticism towards Punjab Government

PTI leaders, including National Assembly Opposition Leader Omar Ayub Khan, criticized the Punjab government for denying access to Imran Khan despite court orders. Ayub slammed government officials, including the home secretary and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, for their alleged involvement in imposing the ban.

Legal Challenge and Social Media Response

PTI leaders vowed to challenge the ban in court, describing it as a criminal act driven by fear. They expressed hope for relief from the courts and called for the provincial government to refrain from such draconian measures.

Defiance and Legal Action

PTI MNA Sher Afzal Marwat announced plans to challenge the ban in the Islamabad High Court, denouncing the expulsion of media personnel from Adiala Jail premises as undemocratic. The party continues to assert its stance against what they perceive as dictatorial measures.

The PTI’s firm stance against the ban underscores their commitment to ensuring transparency, legal access, and safety for their incarcerated leaders.

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